Project Description

Learn drone photography to take incredible aerial photos & videos from a world class awarded pro.

The first part of the course will provide theory and detailed hands-on guidance to set up and fly safely a drone (specifically DJI Phantom/Mavic models) with a deep guidance into the DJI GO APP functionalities and settings. 

We will also cover the current and upcoming drone laws in Switzerland and how to get permissions when you need one.

The second part of the course will guide students through aerial photography composition, with specific examples and principles that will give to each student a solid foundation to develop his own personal aerial photography style.

This part will include as well an introduction to drone videos best settings and how to shoot cinematic scenes.

Retouching and video editing of the final photos / videos will be covered in different courses.

What do I have to bring?

  • Your drone (in case you don’t own a drone, please get in touch with us. We offer you a drone which will be shared among those who don’t have one)
  • Some basic photography knowledge is welcome but not absolutely required
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts ?

    Please note: in case of bad weather the practical part of this course might have to be postponed in agreement with the participants.

This course will cover:

This course consists of two main parts plus an extra social media part.

First Part topics:

  • The 3 dimensions of aerial photography: Machine management, Camera, Editing skills
  • Introduction to the machine: Propellers and must have accessories (Best Storage, ND filters, Multi charger etc) to travel with a drone.
  • Keeping your machine always efficient (tips & tricks)
  • Mavic vs Phantom vs Spark & Air Pro & Cons of each model
  • Tablet or Phone? Pros & Cons
  • Maneuver and Orientation principles
  • DJI Go: Introduction and step by step setup and explanation (for both video and photography)
  • Useful Apps and Software roundaps: Airmap, UAV Forecast, Google Earth Pro, Lumos/Sunsurveyor,
  • Pre-flight checklist
  • Take off & Landing: hand catching your drone (theory+video)
  • Law Regulations in Switzerland
  • European overview & changing laws
  • Responsibility & Common sense

 Second Part topics:

  • “The Photographer’s Eye”: basic principles of photography composition
  • Location Scouting and best tips for the on site shooting (timing/positioning etc)
  • The main composition of Aerial photography : “Top-Down” (good and bad examples of composition, the right altitude creating good contrasts between elements etc.)
  • Rules of composition for “horizon shooting”
  • Benefits of bracketing + AUTO set up during challenging flights
  • Basics of workflow organization (on Lightroom)
  • Shooting Videos: Best setup for Phantom and Mavic
  • ND filters: How to use them for drone videos
  • Make your video FUN!: Best Cinematic movements & principles for mounting a fast paced and interesting video
  • Introduction to LUTs,


  • Sharing on Instagram & creating a nice compelling aerial feed


  • How to start, fly and land a drone
  • Practice of some of the techniques from the theory class

*In case of bad weather conditions, the outdoor part will take place at an alternative date agreed with the participants.

level-icon2x Course level
group-size-con2x Group Size
3 – 6 students
duration-icon2x Duration
7 hours
price-icon2x Price
390 CHF
Training, materials & snacks
advantage-icon2x Advantage
Money back guarantee


What kind of results you can expect: