Project Description

A Photography Week in New York

Epicenter of the arts. Trendsetter. New York City wears many crowns, and spreads an irresistible feast for all.

Discover the capital of the world with our photography master – Brian Dilg.

No two people will come back from this workshop with the same photos. You can choose to explore New York’s most glamorous façades and its most gritty underbelly. You will find no better place for street photography in the world.

You may find yourself electrified by the overwhelming buildings, by the doormen standing in their shadows, shifting on tired feet as they smile and open doors for the world’s elite, or by the detritus beneath your feet. You will see the city in the best possible way, on foot as well as on its subways and water taxis and trains.

Dates: September 21-28


New York City is so iconic even in the minds of its inhabitants that for many who have never been there, it is the United States. In truth, it is so unlike the rest of the country and the rest of the world that it’s effectively a world all its own, self-contained and inscrutable. Not only is it impossible even for residents to summarize what makes it different than any other city in the world, it is not the same city for any two people. In it you will find your own personality reflected in its endless glamour or grit, the skyscraper canyons slashed with sunlight and deep shadows, the inexhaustible beehive of street life, the residents who have seen it all and for whom all manner of absurdities, triumphs, and catastrophes are merely the backdrop of daily life.

You can experience the city in an infinite variety of ways. You may be drawn to its monumental architecture, the soaring towers packed onto bedrock that lays beneath downtown and midtown. You may find yourself drawn to the beautifully designed parks packed with life, people seeking relief from asphalt and concrete, or the street vendors on every single block selling everything from hot dogs to elite handbag knock-offs. There are the ubiquitous taxis, the gritty corners, the hidden and surprising twists – wide beaches, junkyards packed with thriving ad hoc businesses, world-class museums, the vital harbor and rivers that divide and surround the five boroughs.

Above all, it is the people who provide endless fascination and amazement. In the borough of Queens alone, you will hear no less than 138 languages spoken of the estimated 800 heard throughout the city. 5th Avenue juxtaposes giant flagship stores for the world’s most luxury brands with beggars and supermodels. It is an ever-shifting canvas of diverse faces, commerce, culture, fashion, design. Millions of people pass through it daily, their behavior often clamoring to stand out from the crowds. Often they seem to be divided into natives too busy to do more than glance at even the most absurd spectacles, and the tourists exhausted by it.


What is the program?  

  • Get a chance to explore one of the greatest cities in the world with a master photographer, teacher, and 19-year resident of the city.
  • Move your photography skills forward by a quantum leap through lectures, demos, shooting, critique, examples from the greatest masterpieces from photographic history, and trips to world-class museums.
  • See not just the most popular tourist destinations but get an insider’s view of the little-seen corners of New York City, its vibrant neighborhoods, astounding galleries, soaring skyscrapers, and hidden corners not found in any tourist guidebook.
  • Learn techniques for street photography, location lighting, portraiture, architectural and landscape photography, and advanced digital darkroom techniques.
  • Stay in a four star hotel in central Manhattan

And not to be overlooked, we will take full advantage of the staggering variety of New York City’s innumerable restaurants, making every effort to experience some of the best culinary delights the have to offer on a daily basis!



Brian Dilg grew up under the tutelage of two serious photographers, immersed from childhood in film photography, the darkroom and later the computer. He has been roaming the world with camera in hand for over 40 years. He lived in New York for 19 years, founding the photography department for New York Film Academy and acting as its first department chair.

He taught innumerable photography workshops throughout the city, schooling students from around the world in every aspect of the craft. He’s published two renowned books on photography featuring many of his own unique images of New York City, on book covers for publishers including Simon & Schuster and Hyperion, in the New York Times and The Village Voice, and others. He has over 30 years of teaching experience. You can see more of his work in his books and on his website.